At Milkio, we understand the importance of serving you the right ingredients for your healthy cooking. We are committed to offer you the unadulterated taste of best quality ghee along with best possible pureness. Like the clean green unadulterated  environment, Milkio’s pure New Zealand ghee is pure, yummy, and procured by best possible clean, green, and hygienic manufacturing process so that we can offer you an honest product and dollop of nutrition on your platter.

At Milkio we are committed to procure pure quality food for our consumers: Our New Zealand Ghee is made from grass-fed happy cow’s nutritious milk without using any additives or preservatives! We count quality as our highest priority, and we love purity as we love pure nature. Our mission is to offer you a pure product from New Zealand on your plate, not only to satisfy your taste buds, but to satiate your soul by tasting a pure product (ghee) at its best!